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Above the Clouds

Vacation Notice

I will out of the kitchen and the country for the following days:

  • June 5th - July 9th


All macarons are 100% fresh and handmade. We use the highest quality ingredients. French Macarons also contain almond flour so please, be aware if you have any nut allergies.

Gluten free and Dairy free options are available upon request.


"You knocked it out of the park, yet again! Although I'm not surprised."

Samantha A.


"Their desserts not only look soooo good but they taste even better! Highly recommend their service and product"

Marianne D.

"Your macarons were a hit! They made my dessert tray look amazing! And my family said they were the best they have had!! Thanks! I will order again for sure!"

Andrea C.

"Amazing macarons! I never had one I didn't like. Also, honestly I hardly ate macarons and didn't really care for them until I met Kelsea and tried hers at a market.
She packages them up nicely too. Great presentation.
Professional, and super sweet person! Thank you!"

Lauren M.

"The treats are too good. Packed them up this afternoon and they are already gone! Thanks so much :)"

Kelly W.

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